Naboo line of equipment

Naboo® – Technology That Cooks

Naboo is not simply just an oven. It’s real cooking technology for dynamic, quick, and modern food service.

Naboo was designed to cook any type of food while maximizing ease of use. Whether there are a small or large number of meals to prepare, Naboo delivers reliability, consistency and quality — without limiting creativity.

The Naboo is:

  • Simple One touch execution of the best cooking method for the chosen recipe.
  • Functional User-friendly interface to search, organize and back up recipes.
  • Customizable For recipes, functionality, and a display to match your individual needs.
  • Intelligent Checks the cooking compatibility of different products being cooked together.
  • Interactive Cloud-based connection to recipes from all over the world.

Cloud-Based Cooking:

Naboo, a new generation of Lainox combination ovens which unites technology and know-how, is constantly connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the Lainox Cloud making it an encyclopedia of collected chefs’ recipes from around the world. The feature that distinguishes Naboo from other professional ovens is the Lainox Cloud, a worldwide cooking community that is just a click away. The Lainox Cloud provides the steps you need to prepare a finished dish of exceptional quality, every time.

  • WiFi Connection Via Ethernet card
  • Cloud access through registration
  • All content is always available
  • Back up of all content, settings and customizations
  • Sharing of content across devices
  • Technical Assistance and Remote Service
  • Nabook – NEW to control your own personal Naboo menu from anywhere!

Futuristic Features

ICS Automatic Cooking: Selects the cooking mode completely independently (steam, convection or combined), constantly checks and adjusts the cooking temperatures, and detects and maintains the humidity levels minute by minute.

Multilevel Cooking: Cooks different foods with different cooking times simultaneously. The Multilevel Cooking system reduces preparation times by up to 30% while preventing downtime, partial loads and unnecessary consumption.

Smokegrill Cooking: Replicates the benefits of cooking with wood — flavor, taste and aroma — without the disadvantages of wood — smoke and dirt. The Smokegrill simulNaboo touch screen features and cloud recipesates grill or barbecue cooking without any kind
of combustion.

Medium-Rare Meat: Monitors the temperature in the chamber, the core temperature of the product, and the time for compliance with HACCP cooking parameters. Shows cooking progress on the diagram highlighted on the screen, offering constant opportunities to make adjustments.

Night Cooking: Ensures the optimal maturation of the meat with minimum weight loss and low energy consumption. Night Cooking documents cooking data in compliance with HACCP parameters, eliminating the need to watch food as it cooks.

LCS Liquid Clean: Automatically self-cleans with an innovative wash system that uses liquid detergent in completely recyclable cartridges. For better, simpler, and safer cleaning with the elimination of the separate detergent container.

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