Midwest Culinary Concepts carries three lines of Lainox® 


NEO is an active space, a blast chiller that becomes a holding cabinet or a cooking tool when needed.

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Sapiens is the oven for assisted cooking with electronically managed manual controls. It is equipped with LAINOX automatic programs, 95 cooking programs already in its memory and can contain up to 99 cooking programs saved by the user, each of which can have up to 4 cycles in automatic sequence. It naturally allows manual cooking, with the ability to set up to 4 cycles in automatic sequence and core temperature control cooking using the option multi-point or needle probe.

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Naboo is not a simple oven. It is real cooking technology. It is more than just a cooking device. Lainox has put together a team of qualified professionals and the latest technology that unite to become your partner in the kitchen and simplify your business. They also contribute to your peace of mind and quality of life.

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